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My Grandma is an Angel

Lafenwa stew. This stew is a tribute to my Grandma. Mrs Bernice  Adeosun. (Also known as  mama olowo , Iya Bose , Iya sanjo, Iya yemisi, Iya Funlola and Iya Ibeji. She is the best cook and disciplinarian close to me. Back to my stew .  If you ever attended boarding school in Nigeria, you will understand why my Grandma is an angel. She will just show up at   my school from the village with this stew  and ofada rice. I guess  she knows much about food canning and preservation. She will put the stew in an empty milo can with lid on. This is to preserve the stew. She shows up when you are broke  , down to nothing,...

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The simple things in life "catfish head and strips "

Hello my food tribe,  I am so happy to  be back with my food tales. There is something about cheap food being very delicious. Please come with me as I remember growing up in Nigeria during my elementary school years.  My parents will give us money to buy cooked food for lunch, since they are not around in the afternoon. One day I asked my Aunty Yemi what else we can do with the money without buying cooked food.   She said okro or okra soup.  Yes with two naira (less than 1 cent) we went to the market bought okro, grilled mackerel or titus fish ,  a few chili peppers palm oil and seasonings. We cooked and enjoy with Eba(fufu)...

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My Wedding Gift

Every girl's dream is to have a a wedding full with people you love and cherish.Especially your parents and probably one of the happiest days of their lives. Growing up in Nigeria with my parents and spending all my holidays with my Granma, I have been exposed to everything in the village. My mum's village had no electricity and no access to city life luxury. We drank stream water bathed and washed in the same flowing water. Chores is a neccesity we eat heavy carbohydrate in the morning . I mean Eba or Fufu with delicious soup . Go to the farm to work eat fresh fruits like there is no tomorrow, come back home take a bath at the...

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Family Special

Good day , I don't know what name to call this rice but i got inspired from 9jafoodie Christmas rice, so i did something similar. Ingredients used Grounded Turkey , Effirin, also known as scent leaves in Nigeria.( I grew up drinking this when i had a stomach upset, my grandma will squeeze it and add a pinch of salt for me to drink ). On the other hand, the Ibos ( the eastern part of Nigeria) add it to their peppersoup. Every tribe has their uses for these special leaves. Green pepper Zuchini (grated) Mint leaves Green habenero Blend all the vegetables together and set aside onions and spices of your choice fry your sliced onions in a saucepan...

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African French Toast

Hello there it's been a very very long time. Today i just did the regular french toast just with my kind of spices, Trust me, for those who know me well.., I put African dry red pepper in everything i cook. I guess my taste bud need a little help. Here i added some vegetables, soy milk, cinnamon. nut meg of course dry red pepper and salt to taste. Don't forget the base of french toast is egg. Whip the egg and all the ingredients with a hand mixer until it begins to foam with bubbles or almost double its size. Then pan fry with a little oil.

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