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Garnished Moinmoin

  HI Everyone, seeing how busy a mother's life is ,I came to a conclusion that I NEED MORE THAN 24 HOURS IN A DAY I have a quick story i would love to share about Moinmoin. While i was growing up, I guess my teenage years. Since we were all girls in my house ,my cousin also lived with us. My mum bought all the ingredients for moinmoin , I mean everything you can think of was to be in this moinmoin. It's called Moinmoin with seven lives. My cousin insisted she wants to cook the moinmoin without any assistance. We waited for this moinmoin for at least 3 hours, hungry and salivating. Finally it was ready! My sister...

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  Welcome Welcome to our website , We will definitely be looking at some african recipes, how healthy they are and their benefits to the body stay tuned. THE FIRST ONE I WILL LIKE TO SHARE IS PAN FRIED AKARA I am a fan of Akara but i couldn't get it right. Any time i fry Akara ,it comes out in little pieces of balls until i stumbled on Pan fried Akara. Oh my Goodness that's the best thing that ever happened to me in the history of Akara Frying. Same process,same ingredients, just fry like pancake. Serve with custard ,ogi or Akamu. Guess what i offered this pan fried Akara to a friend who is not African , she...

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