Cooking Classes


I am excited to share my African cooking heritage with you. I call them secrets in my kitchen because they’ve passed down three generations. I’m keeping the legacy by passing these secrets to the next generation and people who need them. They are a combination of my experience in watching all the food  shows on tv (shhhhhhhhh one of my secrets) and other secrets passed down.

My goal is to fight childhood obesity through healthy eating habits, provide option to fast foods and packaged frozen foods. We preach " from farm/market to the dining table, to connect cultures and traditions through food.

All cooking classes include copies of recipes and samples of food cooked on sites.

We can come to the comfort of your home or at our designated kitchen $80 per person for a group of 5 people or more, Kids and teens parties of up to 10 kids $50 per child ( age 5 to 12 years). They learn basic cooking techniques and skills and how to cook easy delicious dishes.

$180 per couple Couples mingle with other couples. It could be a hangout birthday or even a church or organization event. We are here for you.

Contact us to schedule your cooking lesson!