About Us

My name is Olajumoke Elkanah or Ola as I’m popularly known. I love food and I’m not ashamed to say it. African food is an essential in my home as they remind me of my heritage. The only thing that brings families and cultures together at the same time is food. I got inspired when we moved to Oregon in March 2008 when i couldn't find any place to buy the food I grew up loving dearly. We had to drive one hour North to buy everything we needed. My husband moved here a month before I and the kids joined him. He told me there was no African store. I Had to buy fresh tomatoes and red bell pepper from Atlanta where we lived and packed them frozen in my luggage of course with some African food and yes my bag was totally scattered when I got it at Portland airport with a note saying " your bag was checked by the airport officials ". I still laugh at myself for doing that.
I saw a need for the African community to have a place like this in Salem Oregon because Food always brings people together from different cultures.