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My Best-Selling Product Was A Huge Mistake!

Who likes making mistakes? No hands? I didn’t think so. We are often taught that making a mistake is bad, and that it’s something we should avoid. Because of this, we grow up being afraid to make mistakes and being afraid to fail. I was this way too, but now I realized that sometimes the best ideas come from mistakes!  As an entrepreneur, mistakes are a part of the journey. I’ve learned this the hard way, but I am grateful for this lesson. The journey to success includes failure. Sometimes you have to fail more than once or even several times to arrive at success. There is one mistake that comes to mind when I reflect on the early stages...

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World Beat Festival 2022

After a long 2 years of COVID-19 break, we finally went to World Beat Festival again. World Beat Festival is a festival held every last weekend in June of every year in Salem Oregon. World Beat festival brings all the countries of the world together in culture , arts and food. It was flaming hot with 98 degrees to around 102 degrees in Oregon. Yes that's too much for us in Oregon. It's a rainy state and we like it like that. We tried Fufu and Egusi soup/ Eforiro for the first time and Yes it was a hit. Thanks to tiktok. Our Nigerian Jollof Rice with Suya chicken/ beef made people happy with fried plantain as the appetizer . ...

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Improve Your Health With Melon Seed Soup

CALLING ALL VEGANS, SEED LOVERS, AND THOES WANTING TO IMPROVE THEIR HEALTH! We have the perfect dish for you - egusi soup Egusi soup is a beloved dish in West African cuisine. It’s a creamy soup made with African melon seeds, leafy greens, vegetables, and more. It is packed with flavor and nutrients, appealing to anyone who loves a healthy and filling meal. The star of this dish is egusi seeds, which are from the white-seed melon fruit that is part of the watermelon family. The seeds are prepared for eating by being scooped out and left to dry. Once dried, they are deshelled (either by machine or hand) or ground into coarse flour. Egusi seeds are grown mainly by...

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So Good I Ate With My Hands: Flourish Fried Rice Mix

We are honored to share a blog from Saunsuray Govere, a first-time customer from Zimbabwe. _____ "Incredible. Absolutely incredible. Sometimes food is so good, that it has you lost for words. All you can do is take another bite, and another, and another until it’s all gone. Has this ever happened to you? I’m writing this blog immediately after eating (or should I say devouring) Flourish Fried Rice Mix. When I took the first bite of the prepared rice, I felt as if the world paused while I indulged in deliciousness. I completely forget about the tall glass of water beside my plate and become engulfed in the golden colored rice. The yellow corn pieces, diced orange carrots, and other...

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I CRIED AND CRIED FOR THIS BUNS / DROP DONUTS You might be wondering why I cried for this recipe. I have a lot of products to my name, and I do work on recipes a lot. After I got my puff puff mix in the package, it was time for the buns. From childhood memories of eating fresh hot buns on the street of Lagos and the Ghana rock buns hawked on the streets of Lagos, it indeed stayed on my head, and I can still feel the taste and how crunchy it was. My memories of buns are nostalgic. I love buns more than puff puffs because I can enjoy them hot or cold. “Crunchy on the outside, soft...

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