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My first catering job at 11 years old

I got my first food catering job at the age of 11. I was in primary 6 which is 6th grade here. It will be my final year in primary or elementary school. This was a public government school so there was no party. We decided to organize one ourselves  . We contributed money but no one to cook. I decided to give it a trial. With the help of my aunty and mom, I cooked jollof rice and chicken and took it to school. Every one was impressed especially my teachers . So here i am today cooking and putting recipes together every day. Thanks to all you.  Enjoy my tray of jollof rice 

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This is the best thing that ever happened to me in the history of Akara. Akara is known as beans cake , I also call it beans fritters. just because  of its shape and its deep fried. So today we are not looking at our regular generic akara. So the process is peeled beans is blended  with little water ,add all your seasonings with chopped onions and deep fry. So for our pan fried Akara, you can add as much water as you want because you are frying it like pancake or crepes . The only difference is ''It's made from peeled beans". This is much more healthy than flour. Enjoy with syrup or pepper sauce. I had mine with...

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My Grandma is an Angel

Lafenwa stew. This stew is a tribute to my Grandma. Mrs Bernice  Adeosun. (Also known as  mama olowo , Iya Bose , Iya sanjo, Iya yemisi, Iya Funlola and Iya Ibeji. She is the best cook and disciplinarian close to me. Back to my stew .  If you ever attended boarding school in Nigeria, you will understand why my Grandma is an angel. She will just show up at   my school from the village with this stew  and ofada rice. I guess  she knows much about food canning and preservation. She will put the stew in an empty milo can with lid on. This is to preserve the stew. She shows up when you are broke  , down to nothing,...

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