How I Conquered Egusi Cravings (You Too Can!)

I was facing a dilemma. My aunt was coming to visit, and her love for egusi soup is massive. But how could I indulge her cravings while staying true to my keto lifestyle?

Inspiration struck: keto fufu! Using almond flour and psyllium husk, I created a fluffy, low-carb alternative that would be the perfect side for the rich egusi.The result? Amazing! The egusi was a blast, thanks to the crayfish powder, cow leg, ponmo, and dry fish. Guess what? Each mouthful was a delight. I gobbled the whole plate of keto fufu and egusi in no time. This was a win for my macros and taste buds. Want to experience this delicacy? Explore our website for the ingredients.


Besides keto fufu, there are other dishes you should try if you're on a keto journey. 

Pepper Soup: For that smoky, tasty pepper soup, you can use catfish,dry fish, ponmo or cow leg. These options are packed with protein, keeping you feeling full and energized. Want that peppery kick? Use our special pepper soup spice, a mix of African spices that will tantalize your taste buds without adding unwanted carbs.


Ogbono Soup: Looking for a unique keto experience? Ogbono soup is a Nigerian delicacy boasting a base made from ground ogbono seeds. This has a natural thick consistency perfect for scooping up with keto fufu. You can add dry okro, ugwu leaves, and crayfish powder to enhance the taste.

From pepper soup spice to oha leaves and keto fufu, there's a treasure trove of keto-friendly ingredients on our website. No worries, with these spices and blend, you can smash your keto goals. Your days of worrying about keto food ideas are over!

Visit our website or our African grocery store today to shop for your food ingredients. We hope to see you soon!

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