Make Dad Feel Like a King This Father's Day Without Breaking a Sweat!

Dads.They wear many hats. One minute they are fixing a leaky faucet, the next they are patiently explaining fractions with a plate of cookies as teaching aids. They're the shoulder to cry on after a scraped knee, the loudest cheerleader at every school play, and the life of the party at events.

Speaking of events, Father's Day is the perfect occasion to show your appreciation through food. Imagine the joy on his face as you present him with a platter that includes:



Fire up the grill and serve some mouth-watering barbecue. The rich, smoky flavor, enhanced by Flourish Spices, will transport his taste buds straight to the heart of Africa.

Pepper Soup

Pepper soup

Warm his soul with a steaming bowl of pepper soup. This spicy, fragrant soup is a staple in many African households. Our pre-mixed pepper soup spice takes the guesswork out of this classic Nigerian dish, leaving you more time to spend with Dad.



For a truly special touch, why not surprise Dad with a bowl of nkwobi? This iconic Igbo dish, simmered with our nkwobi mix, features tender cow feet bathed in a rich, tasty broth. Yes, challenge his taste buds with a traditional nkwobi. Guess what! Our nkwobi mix makes this seemingly complex dish simple to prepare.



These spicy, skewered meat kebabs are a favorite across West Africa. Marinated with our Suya Spice, grilled to perfection and served with onions and tomatoes, these meat kebabs are sure to be a hit at any Father's Day gathering.

Jollof Rice and Fried Rice

Jollof rice

No African feast is complete without jollof rice or fried rice. These delicious dishes are staples at any gathering and are sure to be a hit with your family. The rich tomato base of jollof rice and the colorful medley of vegetables in fried rice make them perfect complements to the meats and fish.

Ready to make this Father's Day unforgettable? Or want to give the men in your life a special treat? Check out our collection of African spices. From Pepper Soup Spice to Nkwobi Mix and Suya Spice, we have everything you need to bring the flavors of Africa to your table. Visit our website today and discover the richness of African cuisine. Happy Father's Day from Flourish Spices and African Food!

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