Improve Your Health With Melon Seed Soup


We have the perfect dish for you - egusi soup

Egusi soup is a beloved dish in West African cuisine. It’s a creamy soup made with African melon seeds, leafy greens, vegetables, and more. It is packed with flavor and nutrients, appealing to anyone who loves a healthy and filling meal.

The star of this dish is egusi seeds, which are from the white-seed melon fruit that is part of the watermelon family. The seeds are prepared for eating by being scooped out and left to dry. Once dried, they are deshelled (either by machine or hand) or ground into coarse flour. Egusi seeds are grown mainly by women, so you know there is love infused from when they are planted to when they are cooked for egusi soup!

As the African proverb goes, "food is medicine," and egusi soup is a perfect example of this. It has potassium, and calcium, and is a rich source of vitamins B1, B2, sulfur, fiber, zinc, magnesium, and more. It’s also high in protein and healthy fats, making it great for a low-carb or keto diet. 
Those nutritional stats make it have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and helpful in aiding digestion. All these reasons make egusi soup one of the healthiest foods you can eat!
If you’re thinking about how to add egusi soup to your diet, just stop by our shop to get our egusi soup mix. Anyone can make it. You just get our mix and add water and oil! If you’re a meat lover, feel free to add protein of choice.
Eat it as its own meal or make it for a side dish. Serve it with traditional Nigerian sides like fufu and pounded yam or serve it with white rice or plantains. Whatever works for you! If you're ready to try egusi soup, visit Flourish Spices & African Food to get our signature Flourish Egusi Soup Mix; we also have whole and ground egusi seeds for sale. Enjoy online shopping or come see us in person at our Salem, Oregon location!
Author: Samantha Jeume | Editor: Saunsuray Govere

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