Celebrate Fall with Pumpkin Spice Puff Puff

Fall is right around the corner. Can you feel the gradual change in season? The trees are teasing me with an appetizer of their magnificent display of autumn hues - I can’t wait for the main course. Have you spotted any green leaves shifting to blazing yellow or burnt orange? It is a thrill to catch the first volunteer leaves parachuting from their mother tree. I hope you are enjoying the little magical moments that happen all around us.

What makes you fall in love with fall? I love going outside in the morning to breathe in the sweet autumn air; it is crispy and cool with refreshing hints of fir trees and fallen apples. In African culture, food is one way we express love. Fall is the perfect time to create delicious, heart-felt memories. I love surprising my husband and four children with steamy mugs of hot cocoa and apple cider paired with homemade pumpkin spice African donuts. 

In Nigeria we call African donuts puff puff, but they are referred to by several names across the huge continent - kala, bofrot, and mikate to name a few. Puff puff is a timeless treat you can find at family gatherings, parties, and celebrations. It is prepared with ingredients such as flour, sugar, spices, and yeast, which gives it a complex flavor and bouncy texture. The batter is dropped into hot oil and fried to golden perfection. Regular store-bought donuts can’t compare.

Have you ever tried pumpkin spice puff puff? It is easy to make with my instant mix. Biting into the soft and chewy goodness is a little magical moment that ought to be shared. The warm, aromatic spices such as nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon hug you from the inside out. What a wonderful way to celebrate autumn! What a great way to express love! May this fall bring you an abundance of joy!

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Author: Ola Elkanah | Editor: Saunsuray Govere

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