The simple things in life "catfish head and strips "

Hello my food tribe,  I am so happy to  be back with my food tales. There is something about cheap food being very delicious. Please come with me as I remember growing up in Nigeria during my elementary school years.  My parents will give us money to buy cooked food for lunch, since they are not around in the afternoon. One day I asked my Aunty Yemi what else we can do with the money without buying cooked food.   She said okro or okra soup.  Yes with two naira (less than 1 cent) we went to the market bought okro, grilled mackerel or titus fish ,  a few chili peppers palm oil and seasonings. We cooked and enjoy with Eba(fufu) Thanks to my grandparents we always have garri at home . 

Some months ago, I  went to the Asian store and I saw cut catfish head and strips for $3 each.  I bought it and just forgot about it.  You know one of those days when you don't even know what to eat and nothing in your fridge looks appealing.  I opened the freezer and my fish head was staring at me.  I grabbed it and voila it's ready.  

Just incase you don't know, that the time spent enjoying the head of a fish is so special that I even thank God specially for allowing me to enjoy this special meal. You won't understand unless you try it.  I have the video  on my Facebook and Instagram . Enjoy and stay blessed 

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