My Grandma is an Angel

Lafenwa stew.

This stew is a tribute to my Grandma. Mrs Bernice  Adeosun. (Also known as  mama olowo , Iya Bose , Iya sanjo, Iya yemisi, Iya Funlola and Iya Ibeji. She is the best cook and disciplinarian close to me. Back to my stew .  If you ever attended boarding school in Nigeria, you will understand why my Grandma is an angel. She will just show up at   my school from the village with this stew  and ofada rice. I guess  she knows much about food canning and preservation. She will put the stew in an empty milo can with lid on. This is to preserve the stew. She shows up when you are broke  , down to nothing, no provisions ( milo, powdered milk, sugar, garri, peanut, cabin biscuits or  cookies). Yes it was party time with my sister and close friends in room F at SACHS.


5 fresh red bell peppers 

8 dry bell peppers  

3 habanero pepper 

2 big onions

Palm oil 

Locust beans (iru)

Salt to taste 

 Boiled eggs 

Dry fish , fried snails, shrimp, crayfish, meat or chicken 

Seasonings ( maggi or any seasoning of your choice)


Put your peppers  and onions in a blender, blend coarsely. 

Cook your peppers to reduce the water 

Put your palm oil in a  dry pot , add onions and iru.  Fry until translucent.

 Add your meat, fish,snails, shrimp.

Add your cooked pepper  ,seasoning and salt. Add your boiled eggs .

Cook for 10 minutes and its ready. Enjoy with rice or carbohydrate of your choice 


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