Flourish is a Tool for Achieving a Healthy Life

The New Year is a great time to set new goals - good health should always be on the list. There is nothing more important than our health. If one is unhealthy, they cannot support themselves and those that they love. Good health is not something that can be purchased. Even the wealthiest people experiencing health challenges. When you are unwell, health is not a quick fix. Many people agree that the greatest cure is prevention. Eating healthy is a powerful path to good health.
At Flourish Spices and African Food, good health is one of our core values. We do not use any additives or preservatives. All of our products are made with healthy all-natural ingredients. For example, Flourish Brown Rice and Lentils Mix is loaded with protein packed lentils, split peas, and almonds. Instead of processed sugar, we use honey and raisins. Ginger and Garlic, essential roots for good health, are added to the mix. Flourish isn't just food, it's delicious, good health in a pack!
This New Year, make a firm commitment of love to yourself in form of healthy eating. Committing can sometimes feel like a weight on your shoulder, however, with simple "tools" like Flourish, healthy eating becomes nearly effortless. If you don't have time to cook. Call Flourish Catering (971) 239-2065 We will prepare healthy dishes for the whole family to enjoy!
Mental well-being is part of good health. Being part of a community is food for the soul. If you haven't joined the Flourish community, make sure to follow us on Instagram @FlourishSpicesandAfricanFood and Facebook @FlourishSpices. Meet team Flourish and the Founder, Ola Elkanah, in person at the Portland Saturday Market. We also invite you to our African Cooking Classes and African Food Tasting parties. Follow us to get updates on Flourish community events.
We wish you a happy New Year. May 2024 overflow with an abundance of joy, love, and good health for us all! 
Author: Saunsuray Govere

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