African Food Tasting Experience

You don't need a passport to take your tastebuds on a trip to Africa! You can explore the sensational favors of the motherland right here in Salem, Oregon! Bring your appetite and join Flourish Spices And African Food Saturday, August 12th for an all-you-can-eat African food tasting experience. Whether you are an African food lover or never tasted African food before, you are invited to indulge in the deliciousness.

The menu highlights some of Africa's most beloved dishes fit for a celebration such as Jollof Rice, Puff Puff, Zobo, and more! Flourish Spices and African Food will also be reveling its newest product for the first time - Tigernut Milk. Be one of the first to try out the creamy, plant-based drink. Purchase your tickets ahead of time to secure your spot and save the date in your calendar! We are exposing Africa's deliciousness to the Oregon community. African food is for everybody; share this event with fellow foodies, friends, family members, and anybody who loves to eat!

WHEN: Saturday, August 12th, 2023

WHERE: Comfort Suites 630 Hawthorne Ave SE Salem, OR 97301



Flourish Spices And African Food by Ola Elkanah is a brand name for all natural, easy-to-make, quality African food mixes, drinks, and sauces. You can find Flourish products sitting on the shelves of local Oregon grocery stores such as Market of Choice, New Seasons Market, and in International and African grocery stores in California, Texas, New Jersey, North Carolina, New York, and more! Flourish Spices And African Food also has a store location in the city of Salem. In addition to Flourish brand products, it carries specialty food items from different African countries and also provides catering services. Visit its website to learn more or follow Flourish on Instagram @flourishspicesandafricanfood


African Food Tasting Menu

**Jollof Rice: Rice cooked in an infusion of tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and African spices; Jollof is a West African delicacy and one of Africa's most famous dishes!

Coconut Rice: Rice cooked in creamy coconut milk with coconut flakes, carrots, sweet corn, shrimp seasoning, ginger, cardamon and more!

**Fried Rice: A specialty African fried rice full of incredible spices and herbs such as curry, ginger, garlic, thyme, cardamom, and more!

*Brown Rice & Lentils: Wholesome, hearty, and full of flavor; fall in love with this naturally sweet melody of coconut, almonds, raisins, honey, and more!

Egusi & Fufu: Egusi, or native African watermelon seeds, are blended into a flour and simmered in a stew with smoked fish, meats, and leafy green vegetables; enjoy the delicacy with pounded African yam.

Moin Moin: African beans flour steamed into a savory cake with fish and boiled eggs hiding inside. Incredible protein packed goodness in every bite!

**Akara Pancake: Soft, fluffy, and full of protein these pancakes are made with African beans flour and are vegan friendly.

*Buns: A thick batter made with eggs, milk, and butter is fried to golden perfection. African buns are rich in favor and delightfully tasty; it's no wonder why they are a popular snack in West Africa.

**Puff Puff: Dangerously delicious African donuts. Puff puff is called by various names across Africa such as bofrot and kala. Soft and chewy, sweet and savory, it's hard to enjoy just one! These treats are vegan friendly.

Ofada Sauce: Incredibly flavorful sauce made with bell peppers, African locust beans, crayfish, and African spices.

**Hibiscus Tea: A tangy, refreshing, and satisfying cool drink. Hibiscus juice is enjoyed all over Africa and is called various names such as Zobo, Sobalo, and Bissap.

**Tigernut Milk: Tiny African grass tubers juiced into a creamy, dairy-free, nut-free milk. Tigernuts have been enjoyed throughout Africa since ancient times. 

* One asterisk denotes vegetarian friendly

** Two asterisks denote vegan friendly