So Good I Ate With My Hands: Flourish Fried Rice Mix

We are honored to share a blog from Saunsuray Govere, a first-time customer from Zimbabwe.


"Incredible. Absolutely incredible. Sometimes food is so good, that it has you lost for words. All you can do is take another bite, and another, and another until it’s all gone. Has this ever happened to you?

I’m writing this blog immediately after eating (or should I say devouring) Flourish Fried Rice Mix. When I took the first bite of the prepared rice, I felt as if the world paused while I indulged in deliciousness. I completely forget about the tall glass of water beside my plate and become engulfed in the golden colored rice. The yellow corn pieces, diced orange carrots, and other vegetables peaked through the tender grains like hidden treasures.

I kid you not; I had to stop myself from finishing all the fried rice, so that my husband could at least get a taste. Only because I needed another person to confirm that I wasn’t crazy for enjoying the fried rice so much. So, I retired my plate and spoon to the kitchen sink and walked away. Only to come back a few moments later - this time with my hand full on African style, I enjoyed eating Flourish Fried Rice right out the pot!

The flavors were so delicious that I was confused, puzzled, mystified. “How? How is it possible to make fried rice taste this good?” I thought to myself. I love fried rice, and I’ve eaten it countless times, especially from Asian restaurants. Also, I’m a great cook and prepare yummy fried rice for my family and friends all the time. BUT this is different. I’ve never felt this way about fried rice before. I’ve never been inspired to write about fried rice - this is really funny! I guess some things are so good, you just can't keep them to yourself! 

Flourish Spices and African food has made me reimagine fried rice. The rice mix is bursting with all natural spices and herbs like curry, ginger, garlic, thyme, basil and more! It’s an upgrade from and the perfect replacement for standard fried rice AND Spanish style yellow rice mixes from brands like Goya and Uncle Ben’s. I’m so happy that I gave Flourish Spices and African Food a try. I am looking forward to trying the brand’s jollof rice and coconut rice mixes soon!" 

Thank you Flourish!



Author: Saunsuray Govere

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