My Wedding Gift

Every girl's dream is to have a a wedding full with people you love and cherish.Especially your parents and probably one of the happiest days of their lives. Growing up in Nigeria with my parents and spending all my holidays with my Granma, I have been exposed to everything in the village. My mum's village had no electricity and no access to city life luxury. We drank stream water bathed and washed in the same flowing water. Chores is a neccesity we eat heavy carbohydrate in the morning . I mean Eba or Fufu with delicious soup . Go to the farm to work eat fresh fruits like there is no tomorrow, come back home take a bath at the stream, fetch water home for cooking and drinking and start cooking. My Granma will force us to grind pepper on the grinding stone. Guess what, by the time you are done your hands are on fire because of the hot chili pepper. I never saw her cook with tomatoes ,don't know why . Just chili pepper and Bell peppers from  our farm. 

Fast forward to my wedding. When i was preparing for my wedding, My Mum asked me what i want for a wedding gift from her. I simply said a grinding stone . She looked at me and smiled. she went all the way to Abeokuta in Ogun state Nigeria with a special delivery straight to my house. 

With all the gadgets in my kitchen, starting from a regular blender ,to a 6500 power vitamix, Food processor, Kitchen aid mixer, Coffee grinder for my Egusi and ogbono, Veggie and fruit slicer to make life easy. I call them my kitchen Hacks . I still want my grinding stone. The taste it adds to your pepper is out of this world. 

In conclusion, I love cooking and i love to eat. Life is busy and i am still looking for a Robot or gadget that will cook my Sunday lunch before i come back from Church.

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