Garnished Moinmoin


HI Everyone, seeing how busy a mother's life is ,I came to a conclusion that I NEED MORE THAN 24 HOURS IN A DAY

I have a quick story i would love to share about Moinmoin. While i was growing up, I guess my teenage years. Since we were all girls in my house ,my cousin also lived with us. My mum bought all the ingredients for moinmoin , I mean everything you can think of was to be in this moinmoin. It's called Moinmoin with seven lives. My cousin insisted she wants to cook the moinmoin without any assistance. We waited for this moinmoin for at least 3 hours, hungry and salivating. Finally it was ready! My sister took the first bite and screamed out, with huge eyes, "THERE"S NO SALT!" Yes, my cousin forgot the most important part of the food. My mum went to bed complaining about it. Since then , i have it in my brain that i can't afford to forget the most important part of moinmoin.

So today i want to talk about my garnished Moinmoin.

same process like the regular moinmoin, Blended peeled beans with all my seasonings ,boiled egg, corned beef and cray fish. But this time i will not be steaming my moinmoin but baking it in a flat oven tray for 20 mins,then garnish with all the colourful vegies you can lay your hands on for 5 mins. Again that's the best thing i ever taste in the history of moinmoin. Enjoy 

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