Jazz Up Your Meals With Nigeria's Culinary Delight, Kilishi

Growing up, my heart would dance with anticipation whenever a loved one embarked on a journey to the Northern part of Nigeria. Why? Because it meant one thing – the spicy, meaty Kilishi they'd bring back. I recalled how I would eagerly remind them “Don't forget the Kilishi”.
Fast forward to the present, Kilishi is more than a nostalgic treat. Those tender cuts of meat marinated in a blend of spices and sun-dried are a powerhouse of nutrients, containing proteins, vitamins and minerals. Not only does it satisfy your taste buds, but it also nourishes your body. In fact, it's a snack that keeps giving. 
While it's tempting to devour Kilishi straight from the bag (trust me, I've been there!), there are some creative ways to enjoy Kilishi. You can sprinkle Kilishi on your salad for that crunchy taste or spread thinly sliced Kilishi on your pizza. How about grinding it for a flavorful crust on chicken or fish, or scrambling your eggs with chopped Kilishi for a spicy protein boost? 
Ever thought of combining mashed potato, shredded vegetables and chopped Kilishi, then molding it into bite-sized balls and frying? You can also take your fried rice game to the next level by stirring in some chopped Kilishi towards the end of cooking. The smoky, spicy flavor will transform the classic dish.
Guess you're relishing these recipes. There are many ways to enjoy Kilishi, from adding beef jerky to stir-fries, stews and salads. 
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Remember, life's too short for bland snacks. Add some Kilishi to your cuisine and savor that spicy taste. 
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